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Im Da Bess :iconwolves-and-dangos:wolves-and-dangos 1 2
I Can Move Mountains
    I can move mountains.
    I can fly over oceans and dive into their depths. I can feel the cold water and pick up pieces of the sandy floor to take back to the surface.
    I have entered new worlds. I have heard the cries of creatures unknown and met people that will never exist. I have lived in impossible civilizations.
    I have created worlds of my own. I have taken nothing but the dust of a city lost to time and scattered it across the landscape, watching trees and grass spring from the barren ground.
    I have held roses, accepting the pain the thorns cause to feel the beauty in the petals for myself. I have held the world on my shoulders and heard its people shout their hate for me. I have wandered through deserted streets searching for things nonexistent.
    I have glimpsed the gates of Hell.
    I can move mountains. And yet I don't.
    Why not?
:iconwolves-and-dangos:wolves-and-dangos 1 2
Angel Child
Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
My name's not important. Just thoughts.
The inside, not the outside
Don't you agree?
If not, that's fine.
You're not really expected to.
After all, you live in today.
That's bound to do some pretty crazy things
To anyone.
Now I can tell from the look on your face what you're thinking.
But even though I am a kid, I can think things like..
If only we could somehow find a way to comprehend
The value of one second of one life
Then maybe our universe wouldn't be so twisted up
What with war, greed, and all of that nonsense
You may believe we have seventy years and then that's it
But no matter what, I think otherwise
Your future has a future and your heart, it has a heart
So don't ruin tomorrow with today
Don't go.
I want to talk with you some more.
We still have the rest of your past
To look at. Besides, I'm starting to feel
Kind of lonely.
Please stay.
These are my last moments on Earth.
After this I will drift away
Into silence for the next spirit
:iconwolves-and-dangos:wolves-and-dangos 7 0
Sometimes I wish I could run away
To another world, to another day
But if I thought that would make things right
I wouldn't lie awake all night
Just to see your smiling face
But I don't think I can finish this race
If I was ignorant to the truth of life
Would that fix things, or cause more strife?
I'm falling through
This void and it feels wonderful
It's true
If not, I can't get through the day
With you
Do you ever see a darker shade
Of blue
When you think you should be seeing white?
A blank page, a blank mind
Not running ahead, but falling behind
One minute, I'm laughing and smiling wide
The next, when I said "I'm fine," I lied
I'm as happy as life was cruel to me
But I think of how this could never be
I'm attached to that day like a dog to his tether
But the feeling of life can change like the weather
:iconwolves-and-dangos:wolves-and-dangos 0 5
I don’t want fortune, I don’t want fame
I just wanna live my life away from
The people vowing to take my life
Haven’t I been through enough pain and strife?
I didn't do anything wrong but live
But I guess that’s enough for them
They’re scared of what I am
That’s okay; all’s forgiven
But I've gotta stay on the run
I've been living under the gun
I don’t think I can take much more
I stumble, trip, fall, hit the floor
I've gotta stay out of sight
And I’m having trouble staying upright
I don’t think I can take much more
I stumble, trip, fall, hit the floor
If you’re gonna keep chasing me around
Forcing me up high until I'm off the ground
Then you’ll find there will be a time
When I've had enough, when I'm at the end of my line
Shoot your gun and swing your sword
I’m not what you've learned from lore
Watch my blood drop onto the floor
Isn't this what you've been waiting for?
Blue lightning, bright shining
Scars of
:iconwolves-and-dangos:wolves-and-dangos 0 3


It's the End. :iconbukoya-star:Bukoya-Star 1,265 99 [Vent] Stop Crying :icondear-cotton-candy:Dear-Cotton-Candy 155 33
Redline Risks, A Guide to Assisting Fellow Artists
Many of my watchers, particularly those who are also budding illustrators, are aware that my activities are not limited to creation. One of my greatest pleasures is sharing the things I have learned with others. If art creation grants me the privilege of becoming a positive influence on the lives of art appreciators by passing on the messages and feelings contained in an illustration, then tutoring allows me to become a positive influence on other art creators themselves, by helping them fulfill their art creation potential.
Now, I'm not (and I'll never be) an art teacher or anything of the sort. This didn't stop me from having, in several occasions, tried my best to help my artistic-minded friends, by going step by step over the many phases of the art creation workflow, using my limited self-taught knowledge to give them suggestions on how to make their output match their vision, giving them critique that is mindful of their experience and proficiency; And when advice is harder to con
:iconmykegreywolf:MykeGreywolf 6 1
PokePuns :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 6,625 2,641 In It's Graps :iconsam-nerdinc:Sam-NerdINC 1 5
Mature content
Thoroughly Analyzing Youtube :icondear-cotton-candy:Dear-Cotton-Candy 99 99
Hey Rarity :iconunderpable:Underpable 939 161 Flying lessons (AKA: ''My worst nightmare'') :icontamashi-furea:Tamashi-Furea 2 6 Sheep -Adulthood- :icondear-cotton-candy:Dear-Cotton-Candy 69 89 The Painful Inability to Can :icondear-cotton-candy:Dear-Cotton-Candy 812 258 FLUTTERSHY NAVIGATE :icongreentl:GreenTL 232 277 201303 Rela :iconprema-ja:prema-ja 2,493 57 Fandom Forms :iconshadowassassin1569:shadowassassin1569 1 5 No More Rain :iconlifoures:Lifoures 497 103 Big Sister's Back! :iconshadowassassin1569:shadowassassin1569 2 0
Snow People
Wouldn't it be nice if,
People were like the snow?
Would you be,
Graceful,elegant and kind,
Slowly falling and sticking to the ground,
Your kindness never being remembered,
Until the following winter...
:iconblackrosemelody:BlackRoseMelody 2 0



wolves-and-dangos's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am improving slowly but surely.

I'm aware that I'm not really bringing much to the DeviantArt table, so I upload my works with the excuse that I am in a constant state of "please critique me!" THIS IS FALSE I NO LONGER UPLOAD ANYTHING BECAUSE THIS IS NOT THE CORRECT PLACE TO ASK FOR BEGINNER'S CRITIQUE

If you want one of my works for some reason, just contact me. Chances are you can have it.



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